Essay on Feasibility Report for a Computerized System

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Feasibility Report for a Computerized System


The purpose of the new system that I will develop is to improve on the existing paper system. The original system is time consuming and is inadequate for the doctor's surgery. As details have to be regularly updated and altered, the new system will be computerised. The system will allow its user to: -

* Add new patients to the system

* Delete old patient records

* Printout hard copy of all prescription ordered

* Keep a record of all the transactions preformed.

The purpose of the feasibility is to examine how the original system compares with the new one I will be developing. This report will also help me to
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The current system is not efficient and is extremely inadequate. The user has to manually find patient records, which are kept in a cabinet. This wastes a lot of valuable time and effort, which could be put to better use. As these records are paper based the user has to delete the incorrect data and write over it. This again can cause many problems, one of which could be due to handwriting.

As the surgery has many patients it is essential that all data is recorded and kept safe for future reference. As the current system is paper based a lot of care is needed so that handwriting can be read and it is vital that records do not get mixed up. Correcting this problem would virtually be impossible.

This system uses up a lot of the surgery's resources, like paper and storage space. Converting to a computerised system will greatly reduce this affect and definitely improve the day to day running of the surgery.

Currently there are about 240 patients the number is increasing every year due to the birth rate increasing. Allowances in the system need to be made to stay on top of this potential problem with resources like space.

Summary of the current problems with Dr Ahuja's paper based system: -

* Time consuming

* Limited storage space

* Confusion when alterations need to be made with patient details

* Mistakes made with manually
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