Feasibility Report for a Fast Food Restaurant

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We have taken out time to write this report for several reasons among which are:
[pic] This project serves as part of the "private-sector participation initiative" drive embarked by our company
[pic] Our desire to make you reconsider your present stand about not wanting to invest in the Nigerian economy, for now
[pic] Our belief that this report can form a base for an enlarged feasibility report, which we hope you, would commission us to carry out
[pic] Our desire to make you see the financial viability of this project [pic] Our desire to make you see the potentials of the Nigerian market
[pic] Our desire to bring viable investments into this country
[pic] Our
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Religion: Predominantly Christian and liberal Muslims. This therefore means, a willingness/freedom to associate with people, including the opposite sex in public. Provisions for Takeaway snacks also allow the recluse patronize Fast Food Restaurants.

Social Status: 80% of all classes of society

BENEFITS: These are related to some kind of advantages looked for in patronizing any business. In the case of Fast Food Restaurants, the following parameters have been used to assess patronage:
Economical Nature of Investment: Medium Rating
Convenience: High Rating
Prestige: High Rating
Hangout Venue: High Rating

LOCAL TRAFFIC PATTERNS: Lagos has a high traffic pattern. On a busy weekday afternoon in Lagos, traffic density is approx. 2000 cars/sq. kilometers.


Concept development means making decisions about the components of the fast food restaurant concept, including theme, menu, service style, hours of operations. Since this feasibility is for the setting up of an already established name, its concept would basically be centered upon what is presently obtainable. It is however important to make some recommendations, as the data from the population in the market area would help in evaluating a fast food restaurant's concept that fits the area’s needs and preferences.

Lagos Island and its sister island, Victoria Island, form what is called Lagos City or EKO. It is a city with a high rate of hustle and bustle. In some parts of this
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