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International Marketing 250
Marketing Report Feasibility Study

Alexandre Lee Wan Lee (15641290)
Wong Shia Shin (15656207)
Felicia Valerie (16307959)
Ajay Zachariah George (16371815)
Tay Jun Wen Josh (16260269)

* 3 October 2012 -

Table of Contents 1.0 Executive Summary 1 2.0 Background Description 1 2.1 Product Description 2 3.0 Corporate vision, mission and goals 2 3.1 Vision statement 2 3.2 Mission statement 3 3.3 Corporate goals 3 4.0 Situation Analysis - PESTEL 3 4.1 Political/Legal factors 3 4.2 Economic factors 4 4.3 Social and cultural factors 6 4.4 Technology factors 7 4.5 Environmental factors 8 4.6 Competitive audit chart 10 5.0 SWOT Analysis and Implications 11 5.1 Strengths 11
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Opening The Coffee Club Restaurant in Malaysia especially in Kuala Lumpur, the heart of Malaysia, will be different from the Australian Coffee Club Restaurant. There are many things that Coffee Club Australia need to think of before planning to open up a Coffee Club Restaurant in Malaysia. The area that they need to focus on before penetrating into Malaysia are from the analysis of the external environment factors, SWOT analysis, marketing mix strategies and also the segmentation.
3.0 Corporate vision, mission and goals
3.1 Vision statement
• To be a global leader in coffee, retail food and franchising
• The Coffee Club will become the premier company in food and beverages industry globally by consistently providing the combination of outstanding services and perfectly prepared food that creates a gourmet experience.
3.2 Mission statement
• The Coffee Club is dedicated to delivering the top standards of beverages, food and services in a relaxed and hospitable meeting place enriching contemporary lifestyle.
• Good food, Great Service, Excellent Coffee.
3.3 Corporate goals * The Coffee Club goal is to allocate approximately 8% of net profit between 2013 and 2014, resulting in expanding the business throughout Malaysia by the end of 2014. * To have a diverse

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