Feasibility Study

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Presented by Barerra, Jan Paul Cajayon, Natalia Nigel Collado, Daniel Joseph De Leon, Philip Enriquez, Manuel Lozano, Arvin Umali, Anthony

FEBRUARY 22, 2013
TURON DELUXE Muralla St. Intramuros, Manila

Chapter I – Introduction This study looks at how a food cart business will flourish and how it will operate as a business, as well as being an entrepreneur. Food cart businesses are successful in the market nowadays with proper study and all. Such businesses popped like mushrooms. In order to obtain pure success, this paper will show all necessary data to win in the business world. Managing a business is not easy as one, two, and three. Lots of time and effort is needed to have a successful business, brain and heart is the key to prosper.
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Equipments for cooking, storage and display is also needed, such as Refrigerator, Deep Fryer, and Glass rack and Gulaman 2.5 Estimated Project Cost The total of the initial capital needed for set-up and operation of the business for its first month is Php. 129,425.00 . The said amount includes all the budget for the operation of business; such as permits, license equipments, and ingredients and laborers salary.

Chapter III – Benefits to the Consumers and Producers 3.1 Benefits to the Consumers 3.1.1. Homemade Unlike any other similar products, Turon Deluxe products would be prepared at home. The main ingredient, Banana, would come from different places, not in a stored cold refrigerator. The products are made preferrable fresh and made to order process. 3.1.2. Clean The products are made in a clean manner, it does not venture in anything that is wise made anywhere in the location of the business. The products are handly made before shifting to the location and produce with a good perspective manner in the eyes of the consumers. Using recyclable paper for the packaing 3.1.3. Accessible Location The Turon Deluxe is about to locate itself at the Walls of Intramuros. Knowing that this location is one of the most visited places in the Philippines due to its historic relations. At a very visible location, visitor and guest of the fortifications can drop by to taste and experience our product. Giving the consumers to a whole new level of

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