Feasibility Study For A Business

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Undertaking a feasibility study for a start up business or for any project that required investment would not be a waste of effort, even, if eventually the business idea becomes irrelevant. The business feasibility study always explores the potential viability of a business idea for entrepreneurs as an informed process on how to go about the business idea. Ultimately, cost and value of the products or services are often used as criteria to validate the feasibility study activities. Peeters (2013) described business feasibility study as an assessment of the practicality of a proposed business idea, plan or methods. A feasibility study for any business plan or idea always aims to objectively put a business in right frame of operation before it started.

Business idea
The business idea that will be used as a basis for this work is bakery business. The reasons for this fantastic business idea are down to the passion that is developed for over years for the fresh bakery products. The fresh bakery products that will be main products from this business idea are bread, rolls and bagels, wraps, pita, ciabatta, baguettes, continental bread, rolls, muffins etc.

Establishing the feasibility of your idea
According to Paul et al (2014, 3rd Edition) explained that there are couples of issue that needs be considered under feasibility study before business idea viability can be validated:
• Business viability: This is where the reasons and problems of existing product or proposed…

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