Feasibility Study Report

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Technical feasibility

In technical feasibility we would concentrate on the technical perspective of the project. The areas included would be the technologies needed for the project, software’s and hardware’s needed for the project and how these technologies would help in carrying out a feasible and successful project (Wolfe, 2012).In the proposed system the employees would be able to check their performance as well as how well they have carried out the tasks they have being assigned.
The main software’s needed in the development of the appraisal software are MySql and php. As in our research findings most of the small companies use Microsoft Excel or Access to create their employee database which holds the employee information.
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Also it works perfectly well with MySql. (Grath, 2012)
• It has a great future and there will be more and more updates in the future. (Grath, 2012)
• The scripts used in PHP are easier hence would speed up the development of the software. (Grath, 2012)
Software requirements
The software’s required for the development of Employee appraisal software are:
• MySql – to generate the database needed for the development of the software
• PHP – to develop the software
• Microsoft Word – to prepare all the documentations
• Microsoft Project – to build Gantt chart and WBS
• CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop- to draw the user interface layout and designs
• Microsoft Visio- to draw charts and diagrams
• Windows 7/XP/ Visio 32- bit and 64- bit
• Linux 2.4 or higher
The client does not have to provide any of the above software’s as the project team already have the needed software’s available. However, the clients need to have one of the latest web browsers on his/ her computer.

Hardware requirements
The hardware requirements recommended for the project are:
Server requirements

Operational feasibility
Operational feasibility focuses on how the proposed system will help to improve the identified problems in the current system. This includes the benefits of introducing the proposed system to the employees. This will also help to figure out whether the proposed system is going to provide any positive
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