Feasibility Study for a Beach Resort

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Executive summary

This feasibility study is commissioned by Mr. Jaime D. Reyes, a resort owner from Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro. The resort owner would like to further utilize his resort, Bulaklak Garden Resort, a 24-hectare beach front in Brgy. Pili. Currently, only 3-hectares of the land is being utilized, making 21-hectares a viable spot for improvements. However, due to financial constraints, the owner would like to loan to the bank to finance the probable expansion of his resort, and before this pushes through, he would like to know what improvements must be done and if these improvements will be deemed feasible, enabling him to gain profit, and repay the probable loans in due time.

To address the predicament of the owner, a
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Its medium- and long-term development plans look to strengthen its agricultural sector to provide for the requirements of surrounding cities and provinces. Mindoro is one of the biggest sources of rice and fruit produce in Southern Luzon.
Reviving Tourism in Mindoro[4]
Mindoro is also part of the Strong Republic Nautical Highway and serves as one of the links between Metro Manila and the southern Philippine islands through the roll-on, roll-off program of the government. This has boosted the tourism trade of the island because Mindoro is now a stopover for tourists wanting to visit the southern islands, Boracay and Palawan in particular.
While Boracay and Palawan continue to enjoy the attention of foreign and local tourists, Mindoro is being rediscovered and again being groomed to become a major tourism hub.
Mindoro, Puerto Galera in particular, is popular for its beaches. But more tourists are appreciating the other attractions being offered by the island. Seasoned climbers consider Mount Halcon, the country’s fourth-highest peak, as one of the most challenging mountain treks. Mindoro’s breathtaking mountains also shelter numerous majestic bodies of water, like the Tamaraw Falls.
Developing Mindoro[5]
The development plan of Mindoro is fairly simple. Local government officials want to take advantage of the province’s best assets: location and topography. Mindoro has booming fishing and farming

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