Feasibility Study in Cookies with Malunggay

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INTRODUCTION Nowadays, the cultivation of vegetables is partially important for it has an increasing demand for the people continuously eating or using it. Many vegetables like Malunggay have been used since ancient time for different purposes. They are used as source of active ingredients for the production of alternate medicines, pesticides and as well as additive in foods. Malunggay (MORINGGA OLEIFERA LAM) is one popular vegetable for its active curing characteristics as it is being used and known as Horseradish in English. We all know that horseradish is very nutritious; it is known as “Miracle Vegetables”, because it can cure diseases and it serve as an anti-oxidant that can help us to maintain our health. It can sure ailments like …show more content…
The proponent of this business would like to overcome the demand of customers and make profitable in all aspects that can buy themselves to stay in barangay Ilaor Sur and fell that YUY’S Nutri-delight Manufacturing is more demanding in selling and making cookies and bread than the far bakery shop.

Technical Feasibility Technically, this business proposal is feasible because the tools and equipments needed are easy to make cookies. OAS water district and ALECO help to have electricity and sufficient supply of water. It also helps maintain the good production area of the place and to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the business. In that following factors in every aspect needed to exist in business world.

Financial Feasibility Financially is very significant in entering a product into the market. It defines the potential of the product to grow. This project is feasible because the proponent of this business will provide the essential capita for the business he intended to establish.

Review of Related Literature and Related Studies This chapter presents the related literature and related studies, synthesis of reviewed literature and studies and gap bridged by study and theoretical framework.

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