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Feasibility Study IMPRESSIONS Executive summary Basically we are going to open a female designer ware boutique in Multan as we realized after market analysis that a strong demand exist in this south Punjab region especially in Multan as women are now being aware of the current trends want themselves to be dressed accordingly Media has its remarkable role in this regard to set new trends in female clothing. Although, some variety of designer ware is available in Multan but we realized that females and especially the teen agers and working women in this region are not fully satisfied with the available stuff. What they need is quality dressing in reasonable prices but according to trend and fashion of the…show more content…
| Rs./unit | Rs. | Computers | 1 | 25,000 | 25,000 | Computer printer | 1 | 12,500 | 12,500 | Telephones | 2 | 3,500 | 7,000 | Fax machine | 1 | 12,000 | 12,000 | Software | 1 | 30,000 | 30,000 | Total | - | - | 86,000 | PREMISES FOR SHOP AND STITCHING UNIT It is recommended that the proposed location for the said enterprise be a posh area, where people have the buying capacity for women fashion wear. The size of the shop should be at least 800 Sq.ft i.e. 20 feet front and 40 feet depth. Furthermore, a small building will be required to establishing the stitching unit. One viable option is to rent a small house for this purpose. The shop will be obtained on rental basis, and the rent estimation for such a shop is Rs 56,000/month. According to the prevailing practice, 6 months rent as advance and three months rent as security would be required for renting the shop. It is assumed that security is a one-time expenditure, whereas pre-paid rent will only be given at the beginning, while establishing the boutique. After first six months, rent will be paid on monthly basis. The cost estimates for setting up the Boutique are as follows: Rent Cost Detail Security for renting shop/outlet (Rent @ Rs.56,000per month. 3 months rent as security) | Rs. 168,000 | Interior decoration (installing lighting, mannequins,hanging racks, mirrors, glass panes, cash counter,and other

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