Feasibility Study of Malungay

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Coffee Circus

A Feasibility Study Submitted to the Faculty of the
College of Tourism and Hospitality Management

A Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Subject
Research 1 (Feasibility Study)

Submitted by:
Corona, Jamaica D.
Coronel, Lester Ace M.
Flores, Jegerose S.
Figues, Mailyn E.

July31, 2013

Chapter 2 Market Study

Coffee Circus
Our company is unique when it comes to drinks. Nowadays, people want some fun on the food they eat. So there is the reason to do Coffee Circus. The name Coffee Circus; the word Coffee + Circus is it is combined with another flavor to make it more exciting. * Hot/Iced Coffee * Cappuccino * Latte * Mocha * Café Americano * Espresso * Brewed
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So the target that we should to follow is demographic segmentation because comfortable and easy to enhance our product as follows: * Main Target Marketing: student both of high school and college.Also the people working on offices and teachers. * Secondary Target Marketing: people all of proper for gender and ages who live in area around Coffee Circus. * Future Target Marketing: people who interesting in franchise business with Coffee Circus.

There are competitors of Coffee Circus:
Starbucks Coffee
Product: Snacks, pastries, coffee, tea and beverages
Price: Snacks 40-150 pesos, Pastries 50-150 pesos, Coffee 85-165 pesos
Place: At SM City Batangas
Customer Capacity: 30-40 people
Facility: chairs, tables, magazines, tv This is the strong competitor of Coffee Circus because they provide product inside the mall. Starbucks Coffee also has weakness about services because they have not enough employees when many customers coming. So this is the opportunity to Coffee Circus because our employees are trained and enough to serve services to customers. Strength of Starbucks is they are known as the largest coffee house company in the world but if compare with prices and services that customers get from Coffee Circus it can make customer more satisfaction than Starbucks Coffee.

Kapeng Barako
Product: Snacks, pastries, coffee and beverages
Place: front of Basilica of the Immaculate Conception Church
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