Feasibility Study of a Laundry Business

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THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A LAUNDRY SHOP IN TANJAY CITY: A FEASIBILITY STUDY In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements of Methods of Research Proposal Subject Presented to Dr. Romario Ybañez By: PRIM ROSE THERESE R. SARMIENTO MARIAN FATIMA L. AGUILAR EDUARD JOSEPH V. NARCISO JULIUS L. REMOTICADO OCTOBER 2011 CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SCOPE Introduction The Filipinos are keen when it comes to cleanliness. Almost every day households do particular routines of cleaning up in order to avoid diseases brought by dirt. Most housewives do the chores at home including washing of laundry. Due to becoming preoccupied with work and home chores, washing of clothes become a burden to many. The resort is to utilize laundry services for a fast and…show more content…
The business services industry is a new market strategy for economic development that will strengthen the local economic programs of Tanjay City. The sustainability of this project will be given prior attention and emphasis for further opening of creative markets that will also contribute to the economic development of the city. Review of Related Literature A. Human Services According to Darr, “A firm’s work force is by far its most important resource.” If employees are positively and effectively motivated, if their morale is high, and if they are able and willing to personally identify with the affairs of the company in a positive manner, then accomplishment becomes unlimited. There can be no doubt that “man is a wanting animal”. Man wants and wants: his wants are insatiable. Satisfied needs do not motivate behavior’ rather, it is ungratified needs which exert a compelling influence on behavior. Wants array in a hierarchy of importance and wants on a lower level are gratified, those on the next higher level will emerge and demand gratification. The hierarchy of needs can best be arranged in a five-level pyramid from physiological needs, to safety needs, to social needs, to esteem needs and to self-realization according to Maslow’s Theory. (John W. Darr, 1999) B. Making Money by Providing Laundry Pick-up and Delivery Services a. A Laundry Pick-up/Delivery Service Business Right at Home “Yes, you can set up the business

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