Feasibility of the National Health Insurance in South Africa

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In the current society; South Africa’s health care has been left with a major gap, in quality and accessibility, between the wealthy and the impoverished, in the country. With the wealthier minority having access to the private sector of medicine, a sector with a higher and better level of health care, and the poverty-stricken majority having limited access to only the public sector, the sector funded by the government. Therefore the current South African government, the ANC, has proposed a policy called the NHI; that looks to lessen the gap between the public and private sectors of medicine, by: improving the accessibility to health services for all South Africans, irrespective of whether they are employed or not, to pool funds so that equity and social solidarity will be achieved through the creation of a single fund, to obtain services on behalf on the entire population and to strengthen the under-resourced and strained public sector so as to improve health systems performance. (The South African Medical Journal, 2013) This essay will be discussing what the NHI is and the feasibility of the NHI, with reference to the current level of South African health care, South African culture, socio-economic background, medicalisation,
Due to the apartheid regime of South Africa prior to 1994; the South African health care system has been left fragmented with the level of health care provided to the individual being based on their racial backgrounds, with the white minority
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