Feature Article Racism- to Kill a Mockingbird Etc

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Are we born racist or have we learnt it? Children grow up heavily influenced by the values and beliefs of their family. If these attitudes are racist then innocent pick up these traits when usually they don’t see these differences.

Society and media provide people with different aspects and feelings towards racism. The media are always exploiting riots and bashings such as the Cronulla riots when they occur, over exaggerating them when they are because of a simple thing like, the differences in cultures and peoples’ beliefs. People get indignant when they hear about others within their culture or beliefs being abused or unaccepted, raising the question of why people feel a need to be on the attack or defense.

Do we learn such hatred for
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Herr Liszt- “I think, Bruno, if you ever found a nice Jew, you would be the best explorer in the world”.

‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ was the story of a 3 young Aboriginal girls who were taken from their homes because they were ‘half castes’ and then their long walk home following the rabbit proof fence. The idea of the government taking children from their homes and placing them into the care of white people in the hope of them losing their cultural beliefs was stronger. This idea of them being changed was evident with quotes such as “This is your new home. We don't use that jabber here. You speak English” providing the idea of whites being dominant through their values.

‘Australia’ also showed how the government controlled how children of Aboriginal descent were brought up with language used such as “The mixed raced children must be dislocated from their primitive full blooded Aborigine, how else are we to breed the black out of them”. This presented again the reason as to why the Aboriginal children were taken away from their own cultures to be raised in something completely different.

These films all reinforced how children’s opinions sway through the way in which they are raised. It demonstrated how as children they were clueless as to who was their enemies and why they were. They also revealed how the government has played a significant role within the riots between the cultural diversity.

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