Features Needed to Make a Comedy Film

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For hundreds of years Hollywood has been making countless of different genre movies. One main genre that is very popular is comedy; these films have been entertaining audiences for decades with over-the-top scenes, characters and funny moments. This essay will focus on what features are needed to make a comedy movie by concentrating on the pro-filmic codes, filmic or technical codes, character types and networks, social themes and narrative patterns and stock scenes that go into creating these films.
Comedy is a genre of film that uses humour as a driving force. Even though the comedy business may take on some serious material they most likely end with a happy ending. Comedy films have the tendency to become a mixed sub-genre because humour can be incorporated into many other genres. The different types of sub-genres are slapstick, romantic comedy, screwball comedy, teen comedy, family comedy and black comedy.
Slapstick is the recourse to humour involving exaggerated physical activity which exceeds the boundaries of common sense. Slapstick comedy is a primarily physical kind of comedy based around pratfalls and mild comic violence. For example, smacks in the head, pokes in the eyes, people falling down, etc. It is probably most widely recognized in the comedy of The Three Stooges, The Pink Panther and for a more contemporary example MTV's Jackass.
Romantic comedy films are light, humorous, and playful. The central plot is on romantic ideals such as that true love and is

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