Features Of A Good Design Essay

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Firstly, the layout must speak loudly and directly to the content and the message of the learning module. The layout, when user-friendly lead to an experience that shows direction and a sense of organization. Learners with directions to the most relevant information are more successful when developing the objectives and critical skills that relate to content goals. There are many websites that are adequate and very few are just outright developed with little creativity and attention to provocative and engaging educational trends. The list of good designs is comprised of those that adhere to the very premise of engagement, simplicity and specific content. Navigation is the element of layout that is most often compromised. Navigation that is clear and readily accessible and leads to the most relevant content and essential information to develop the skills that are aligned with the objectives of instruction is the goal. The about us page is a standard feature that outlines the beliefs and goals of the learning module and how to obtain more information concerning the use of content and questions regarding the implementation of the learning object. A good design makes communication with the author very apparent and easily found in the navigation.
Secondly, selected media and graphics will render a module that is current and in keeping with the most innovative technology that accentuates the objectives of the website or learning module. There are many learning module authoring
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