Features Of Egyptian Love Songs

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1. Introduction
What is love? Pop culture in the 21st century provides for a generalized perception on the matter of love, one hears ‘love songs’ and one reads about illustrious love stories that can even surpass time, but what about the Egyptian’s? What did they perceive love to be? By relying on academic sources, this essay will analyze the characteristics of Egyptian love songs and what these love songs expressed about the Egyptian’s view point towards love.
2. Characteristics of Egyptian love songs
Sung at banquets and festivals (Creaseman & Wilkinson 2017:202), ancient Egyptian love poems, also referred to as songs, are full of desire, longing, and heartache. The characters in the love songs were women and men, or boys and girls in love,
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The speakers narrate their personal experiences of longing and that something which was once to them a source of pleasure, is now being nullified by sadness, “When I behold sweet cakes, [they seem like] salt”, “Pomegranate wine, once sweet in my mouth is now like the gall of birds” (Fox 1985:279).
The poems also depict love-sickness experienced by the lovers, which causes one to be irrational, jealous, and results in the inability to complete normal mundane activities (Fox 1985:279-280). The love songs also describe how the love of one’s lover is the only effective medicine for love-sickness and ailments as love brings well-being and vitality, “To hear your voice is pomegranate wine to me”, “She is more powerful for me than the Compendium” (Fox 1985:280).
In the love songs, the lovers also express that their love for one another gives each other strength, “It is her love that makes me strong. She’ll cast a water spell for me!” (Fox 1985:32). The aforementioned line is from ‘The Crossing’ and refers to a boy, who expresses his love for a girl, her love gives him strength and courage to cross a river inhabited by a crocodile in order to reach his beloved (Fox
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