Features Of Metaphysical Poetry

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The first invention of the term “Metaphysical Poetry” by Samuel John as he pertained to the group of writers in the beginning of the 17th century continues to give an impertinent impression for this kind of works were made by men of high intellect. Presenting new ideas and marveling through the art of conceit, imagery, and allusion surprises every reader and challenges them to the wonders of the poet's learning. The metaphysical poets are the known writers for their originality. They were all unique and original both in their thoughts and ideas. Instead of following the path of the contemporary poets, they differentiated themselves in an unseen style of writing before them. Because of this, they were known as the original poets of the English Literature. There are classified major poets who lived during 1500 – 1799. They are John Donne, George Herbert, Richard Crashaw, Abraham Cowley, Henry Vaughan, Saint Robert Southwell, Thomas Traherne and Andrew Marvell. These are the well known metaphysical poets of all time, but there are also lesser known poets and considered metaphysical poets like Anne Bradstreet, George Chapman, Thomas Carew, Richard Leigh, Katherine Philips, Sir John Suckling,…show more content…
Elliot, another characteristic of this poetry is the “Unified Sensibility”. It implies the interrelationship or a combination of human thoughts and feelings. It delineates itself to some poetry works in which the beauty of poetry only lies in the reason and judgment of the writer rather than the person's feelings. That in the age of Pope, poets creates their work purely with the use of their intellect and not with their emotions and feelings. With this the “Unification of Sensibility” became the imperative feature of metaphysical poetry. And since the metaphysical poets did not disassociated feelings and reason from one another, it indicated a more “spiritual and physical”, “ethereal and earthly” “abstract and concrete” ideas and
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