Features Of Windows Server Will Power Wai's ( Worldwide Advertising, Inc )

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The 2012R2 version of Windows Server will power WAI 's (Worldwide Advertising, Inc) networking ability with the new improvements and new features it has. Some of these are enhancements to Active Directory, DNS and DHCP server functionality; improved File and Storage services, an updated group policy, and Hyper-V functionality improvements. The adjustments made will be sure to equip WAI with the means to provide better maintenance to its security network by controlling accounts and user and computer access, also providing more streamlined DHCP and DNS processes and allow more control of the organization to manage and create a better-virtualized environment. The centralized database known as Active Directory is what provides services to control and manage user accounts and access and allow authentication, as well as enforce and implement policies in security. The Active Directory services are; Certificate Services, Lightweight Directory Services, Rights Management Services, Federation Services, Certificate Services, Domain Services, Federation Services. AD RMS is responsible for authentication and encryption using certificates. This will allow the organization the ability to create information security solutions (AD RMS Overview, 2015). AD CS has services that manage and issue certificates for the encryption of digitally signed documents (AD CS Overview, 2013). AD DS is responsible for providing user and resource management with the means of creating secure, scalable, and

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