Features of Post Colonialism and Its Application on Four Post Colonial Novels

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What is post colonialism?What are dominant features of post colonialism?Apply post-colonial theory on four novels

Features of Post-colonial theory
Application of post-colonial theory on four Post-colonial novels
The aim of author is to correctly explore the definition of Postcolonial. The prominent features of post-colonial novel are explained in the next part of this assignment. Then four novels of postcolonial era are selected to apply the post-colonial theory on them. It is tried to explain these post-colonial novel in the light of postulates of post-colonial theory.Generally the term postcolonial stands for the period at the end of colonialism. It was the time
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Surely, the reevaluation of national identity is an eventual and essential result of a country gaining independence from a colonial power, or a country emerging from a fledgling settler colony.
It is a big undertaking for an author to claim to be a representative of entire identity and to convey postcolonial message. Each nation, province, island, state, neighborhood and individual has its own unique amalgamation of history, culture, language and tradition. Only by understanding and embracing the idea of cultural hybridity when attempting to explore the concept of national identity can any one individual, or nation, truly hope to understand or communicate the lasting effects of the colonial process.
Displacement or dislocation is another key feature of post colonialism and it means displacement that occupation and other experiences linked with this process. At that time this feature of displacement was seen at large. People were leaving their homes to settle in colonies. The transportation of slaves also comes under the cover of this term. It may be a willing or unwilling displacement. Invasion and settlement is also a form of dislocation. The effects of displacement for the people who have been placed in a location, because of colonial hegemonic practices need to be reinvented in language, in narrative and in myth. This term stands for unhousedness or uncanniness. This process of displacement is disruptive and disorienting but it

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