Features of Schneider's Training Program

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Training: Identify the types of learning outcomes emphasized in the training. Describe the features of Schneider's training program that contribute to learning. One of the most important components of the training approach illustrated in the Schneider trucking video is that the video itself prepares students for what they will experience. Students can see online the types of activities they are expected to perform so they are mentally and physically ready to learn when they come on-site. The training itself is structured, another essential component of any training program. It is segmented and breaks down activities into manageable chunks before involving students in hands-on, whole learning activities. The training process begins with rehearsal (repetition), followed by organization (putting learned skills together to form processes), and finally closes with elaboration (enduring students are able to work independently and put critical skills together) (Noe 2010: 151). The first five days teach students how to maneuver the trucks through one-on-one instruction. As well as on-road teaching, there are also simulation exercises so students can perform what they need to perform in a less stressed environment. The students learn to log their routes and other aspects of the job. This ensures that learners are involved immediately in the educational process and are gaining in-depth knowledge about trucks that will enable them to react more spontaneously if problems arise in the

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