Features of the International Economic Environment

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.1 An analysis of the features of the international economic environment The features of economic environment have direct relationship with economic activities .Income and wealth is the components of the economic environment. The international business of a country is greatly influenced by the technological development. The technology environment ensures better productivity. Technological environment influences the business and the effects of technology on markets are very much important (Helpman and Krugman, 1985). Social environment is very important to perform business in foreign countries. This kind of environment has great impact on business policies of a country. This environment determines a business organization’s future. To do business effectively in a foreign country a person has to get perfect knowledge about social environment. Political environment is significant to do business in other countries. There are different factors of political environment. These factors can influence the government decision making and other activities. For foreign investors every country set some rules and regulations. Investor need to maintain these rules and regulation to do business on certain country. Political factors can influence the government to change these regulations. So investors need to know the regulations and get the proper knowledge about political environment. The features of international economic environment are complex in structure. There are different aspects
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