Feb 2013Lesson 310 Facilities EngineeringIntroductionKey Element

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Feb 2013 Lesson 3.10: Facilities Engineering Introduction Key Element of the DOD Acquisition Process Facilities Engineering is a key element of the DOD acquisition process. This discipline encompasses a variety of functions that focus on the life cycle design, construction, and maintenance of military installations, facilities, civil works projects, airfields, roadways, and ocean facilities. Providing and Maintaining Critical Infrastructure Facilities Engineering provides and maintains the critical infrastructure needed for both domestic and worldwide operations. This infrastructure includes system-specific facilities and the full range of other facilities needed to develop, test, produce, deploy, operate, and support the nation's…show more content…
3 Feb 2013 Traditional facilities planning includes, but is not limited to: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Scenario planning; Land use planning; Requirements generation; Facilities planning (small area planning); Transportation planning; Demographic analysis; Constraints analysis; and Serving as political/community liaison. Real Estate Real Estate professionals plan, organize, monitor and manage real estate activities. They also issue, execute, manage, renew, supplement, oversee, or revoke real estate documents. Real Estate professionals are also "accountable" for real and personal property for their Services' annual reports to Congress and the General Services Administration. Real Estate duties may require identifying, establishing, organizing or implementing real estate objectives, policies, and procedures. Real Estate actions cover: ● ● ● ● Appraisals and cartography; Acquisition of facilities, lands or lesser interest in land; Use of land by non-DOD entities, management of title and unauthorized use; and Utilization of space, and disposal of Government-owned or controlled real property. Engineering and Construction The Engineering and Construction workforce plans, organizes, directs, monitors, manages, oversees and performs activities related to life cycle facilities acquisition in the areas of: ● ● ● ● ● Analysis; Criteria development; Research; Engineering; and Construction management. Engineering and Construction

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