Feb 2013Lesson 38 Software Acquisition Development

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Feb 2013 Lesson 3.8: Software Acquisition: Development and Management The Linkage Between Systems Engineering and Software Development The DOD policy is to design and develop software based on Systems Engineering principles. Some examples of the linkages based on these principles are shown below. Why Worry About Software? Software is an integral part of most defense systems. Following are two reasons why software development requires special attention: ● ● Software development can be difficult to monitor because it is a complex, changeable, and invisible product. Once software development is late, adding more resources typically results in making the project even later. Software Risk Management Most software development projects are…show more content…
When using this model, special emphasis should be placed on the selection of the items to be included in the last increment. Sometimes the last increment can be the hardest to complete! When incremental development is used, an Integrated Product Team (IPT) may be used to help define the number, size, and phasing of the increments. Involving the IPT can reduce risk and ensure that all of the user's requirement will be satisfied by the increments. 4 Feb 2013 Spiral Model The Spiral Model is a risk-driven prototyping approach to software development. This model: ● ● ● Identifies high-risk areas (e.g., user interface, cost, performance constraints, evolving requirements, etc.) and develops software prototypes starting with the highest risk first. Allows development to begin before the final design is fully evolved. Uses feedback from these prototypes for mitigating risks. Spiral Model development is especially appropriate for unprecedented software-intensive systems. Key characteristics of the Spiral Model include: ● ● ● ● Risk based-prototyping. Feedback from prototype. Elaboration of draft documentation during the life cycle. Repetition until risk is at an acceptable level. 5 Feb 2013 Unprecedented System An Unprecedented System is one that has not been developed before. No models of previous system(s) or experience base exist on which to base the

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