Febvre And Martin

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Febvre and Martin published their history of the book originally in French in 1958, with the title l’Apparition du Livre , which was translated into English as The Coming of the Book in 1976. Febvre and Martin’s treatment of the topic goes over a typically long stretch of time characterized by most studies of the Annales school in their Longue Duree approach. Febvre and Martin approach not just the history of printing but also the history of the book itself which shifts its focus back further than the just the sixteenth century. The deals with many different themes about the book and its development. But the majority of this book doesn’t generally touch on topics which influence the historiography of this subject especially as it was something which reflected Eisenstein’s thesis rejected the gradualist approach forwarded by Febvre and Martin.
Febvre and Martin focus their chapter on the Reformation and print titled: The Book as a Force for Change on the shaper of the late medieval printing market. They argue that works of devotional literature found a much larger audience than those of professional theologians. The output of primarily mystical works such as Thomas a
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This backs up Eisenstein’s thesis that the Latin vulgate was under attack in the late medieval period from Greek and Hebrew translation on one hand and the vernacular on the other. This process by which Reformers among other rejected the Latin vulgate could have contributed to the
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