Feces: A Short Story

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Feces has an interesting nature as it is only one of a few earthly substances that when one’s hand is driven deep into a mound of it, it can only become more apparent that every one of the decisions made leading up to the moment were all unarguable mistakes. Jordan sighed, his eyes opening from a cringed expression to only verify that when he chose to stuff the level of trash down, he had not been gasping at generously melted concession stand chocolate, but a heap of guano gift wrapped in whitey tighties. With a disgusted grace, he quickly turned to the nearest sink to clean the dung off as best as he could before quickly exiting the bathroom. He stomped down a hall filled with a plethora of cinema posters and cardboard cut-outs like a bull ready to break into a…show more content…
Dimly lit and without a misplaced element, the room beckoned to him like an open coffin. Looking further across the room, a structure for a bar was built against the wall. His eyes opened in surprise to behold an actual person amiss his midday nightmare. Having put a freshly-lit cigarette between her ruby lips, the woman gently looked across the room to him beckoning him to join her as she sat on a stool and reclined against the bar’s side. “Aren’t you a regular drugstore cowboy?” She called out with a grin, her short ebony bob bouncing as she shook her head in a cocky manner. “Excuse me?” “Don’t tell me I’m dealing with some sort of bluenose here. Relax. Give your dogs a break.” “I’m sorry, I’m lost. I was working one minute and-” “And you’re not suppose to be here. Look, I get it. You’re not that kind of guy. I really do,” the woman paused, taking a drag from her cigarette, “I can tell you’re just here for a visit. You’re not pinched for sure. Tell me about yourself. You’re here for a reason.” “Where is here exactly?” “A bar,
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