FedEx: Strategic Plan Analysis

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My company is FedEx. The company's stated mission, as per its website (2013) is that it "will produce superior financial returns for shareowners by providing high value-added logistics, transportation and related business services through focused operating companies." This mission statement highlights the following stakeholders: the shareholders and the customers. A further stakeholder not mentioned but critical to FedEx is the company's employees. For example, an often-cited maxim at FedEx is People-Service-Profit, highlighting that it is the people who deliver the value-added for the customers, and that this is how FedEx delivers profits. The company also mentions its partners as key stakeholders, and there will be the usual tangential stakeholders like governments, competitors, potential customers, and suppliers. Most of these are external stakeholders the internal ones are the employees and the shareholders. All managers, even senior managers, are employees and most are shareholders as well. A strategic plan can help the company to achieve broad-based objectives by analyzing both the internal and external environments (QuickMBA, 2010). The strategic plan sets out the general path of the business. So for example in the FedEx mission statement there is reference to the company's services being "high value added." This is an example of a broad strategic plan to provide a premium service to the customer for a premium price. This is how FedEx was able to originally carve
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