FedEx's Value Chain Activity

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Introduction In this paper, I will analysis FedEx’s value chain activity, its generic strategy, resources and capabilities, corporate-level strategy, global strategy, and some recommendation that I have for FedEx. History FedEx started at Little Rock, Arkansas, with the founder Frederick Smith’s ambition to improve the distribution system by adding next-day package delivery. Over years, FedEx has developed into multi-billion dollars corporation and provide services in express, ground, freight, and etc. Today, FedEx Corporation has four major segments: FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Office. FedEx Express is the world’s largest express transportation company that provides overnight delivery services for most of its operating locations. FedEx Ground segment is a leading small-package carrier in the US that ship goods for businesses and residential customers. Freight segment provides less-than-truckload freight services. FedEx Office and Print Services offer customers sales, marketing, and other information technology services. Currently, FedEx has about 52,400 drop-off locations, 647 aircraft and 54,100 vehicles. In 2013 fiscal year, FedEx reported $21.8 billion in revenue, and over 2 billion in operating income. The revenue has increased at 10.9% in 2011, 8.9% in 2012, and 4.5% in 2013. (“FedEx 2013 Annual Report”) Value Chain/Generic Strategy As a company that operates in the logistics industry, FedEx creates value by

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