Federal And Local Government Performance

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Looking closely to the federal and local governments, some federal departments and city departments provide quality services to the extent that people trust them more than the critics can understand. Surprisingly, some Americans trust certain federal departments than the federal government while at local government level, some people admire certain city programs than they like the city administration. According to Goodsell (2015), Ann Arbor-based company provided that in 2010 people showed that they trusted the federal government for its quality service delivery in some of its departments even though it declined afterward. At local government level. When measuring the federal government’s productivity, The Federal Productivity Index…show more content…
But the recent study of 2004-2005 found the opposite. They discovered that bus systems operated by municipal and county work more efficiently because managers can handle the incompatible pressures from different stakeholders (Goodsell, 2015). To some extent, government can save money through contracting out some of it functions to the private companies. Moreover, there is also an assumption that bureaucracy is growing larger day-by-day which weakens personal liberty. The size of growth fluctuates, but the number is increasing at both state and local governments and decreasing at the federal government. Strengths of bureaucracy More trained personnel than contract workers. It has more money to subsidize certain services when private companies that operated bus systems went out of business. Moreover, most changes are initiated by the bureaucrats not elected officials (Goodsell, 2015). Most celebrated innovations were facilitated by bureaucrats. These are signs of their strengths. Weakness of bureaucracy Some government programs are poorly designed programs and it takes government some time to rectify the system like the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) due to processing time which spiked at some stage. True or false stories about critics It is untrue that all bureaucrats are arrogant to their clients and want to control them. This is dispelled by the interviews that Goodsell
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