Federal And State Laws Play Essay

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Student and families can have collaborative partnerships with educators, by having contact and involvement opportunities created by the school that build connections with parents. Creating and involving parents in meaningful roles within the school can strengthen this partnership. Opportunities for parents and students need to be created by educators that will allow parents to show their interest in their child (Amatea, 2013). California Department of Education advocates with policies and laws to support parent involvement to support student’s academic success. Federal and state laws play a role in linking families and schools together to build and strengthen social, emotional, and academic growth of children (Amatea, 2013).
Parent Involvement
Parents should always be an essential and ongoing part of school curriculum; just because their child starts school it does not mean they need to stop teaching them or not be a part of their child’s learning process (Lindberg, 2014). According to Lindberg, parent involvement is described as, “an ongoing and systematic approach involving such activities as providing knowledge and skills in needed matters in order to ensure and support both student’s academic and personal development, the establishment of ongoing and active communication with teachers and school administration, recruiting and organizing parents’ help and support by volunteering in the activities demonstrated in one’s school and classroom, and creating
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