Federal Baby Doll Rule Essay

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The federal ”Baby Doe” rule was the first effort made by the US government to get involved in the treatment options for newborns born with serious congenital defects. The case started in 1982 in Bloomington, Indiana in concerns to an infant baby who went by the name of Doe. The topic of impaired infants born with severe congenital defects gained national attention in April of 1982 when baby Doe was born. Baby Doe was born with Down Syndrome a genetic condition that delays child development and he was also born with an abnormal assembly of the trachea and esophagus. Baby Doe needed immediate surgery to mend the birth defects.
With the guidance of their physician, Baby Does’ parents chose to withhold medical care and surgery due to the
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The circumstances are as followed: the infant is chronically and permanently comatose, the delivery of such treatment would merely prolong dying, not be effective in perfecting or correcting all of the infant’s life-threatening conditions, or else be useless in terms of the survival of the infant, or the delivery of such treatment would be virtually pointless in terms of the survival of the infant and the treatment itself under such circumstance would be inhumane.
A toll-free, anonymous hotline was primarily created to help regulate hospital and physician agreement with the law. This would alert federal agents to specific cases where the parents are choosing to withhold treatment. “Currently, if a case involves parents or their doctors choosing to withhold treatment, the review boards are obligated to report the case to child services as an instance of medical neglect” (Resnik, 2011). The “Baby Doe” rules may be controversial, but compliance among hospital, pediatricians and neonatologist has been very extraordinary. Today when parents wish to withhold treatment they must validate that their child fits into
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