Federal Budgetary Function, And The Oversight Function Essay

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The 3 most significant powers of Congress are The Budgetary Function, The Law Making Function, and The Oversight Function. 1. The Budgetary Function – Congress solidified their role in the budgetary process by passing the Congressional Budget Act of 1974. The Act modified the role of Congress in the federal budgetary process. It created standing budget committees in both the House and the Senate, established the Congressional Budget Office, and moved the beginning of the fiscal year from July 1 to October 1. The Act had two main goals: (1) strengthen and centralize Congress ' budget authority; (2) reduce the President 's impoundment authority. The latter was done by drafting detailed guidelines restricting how the President can impound funds already appropriated by Congress. 2. The Law Making Function - is a form of the state activity intended on the creation (or revision) of the legal norms. Bills are introduced by a variety of methods. After introduction, bills are sent to designated committees which, in most cases, schedule a series of public hearings to permit presentation of views by persons who support or oppose the legislation. The hearing process, which can last several weeks or months, opens the legislative process to public participation. When a committee has acted favorably on a bill, the proposed legislation is then sent to the floor for open debate. In the Senate, the rules permit virtually unlimited debate. A bill passed by one house is sent to the other for
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