Federal Bureau Of Investigation Agent Essay

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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI Agent)
Associate Dean once said “It just dispelled all of the bad things I’d ever heard about the FBI… that the FBI was sneaky and out to get people.” The career of the FBI is a remarkable and exciting career, because of the endless possibility of helping the world get better in any kind of way . The research will describe the career of Federal Bureau of Investigation , what is required to become a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent a successful career and the impact this career has on has on society. The Federal Bureau of Investigation hires an agent to act as the lead investigators in the United States. The duty of an FBI is to guard the United States from Terrorists and Foreign intelligence threats, also to provide leadership and criminal justice services. The FBI has to develop effective work plans. They need to arrange resources to accomplish goals. The FBI has an investigative partnership with cops, sheriffs, etc. The FBI investigates spies, hackers, pedophiles, mobsters, gang leaders and serial killers, they investigate everything that can be a threat to the country or other people. FBI agent is able to carry firearms and most of the time are only called when they need to find a high profile criminal. Agents might sometimes run into dangerous situations. They have to travel extensively, they’re lifestyles are very sudden they can be on the go at any time. FBI agent are in charge of investigating more than 200 different…
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