Federal Bureau Of Investigations And The United Nations Office On Drugs And Crime

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The following essay examines the definitions of organized crime from the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Furthermore, the research examines how the two definitions relate to or are applicable to the Medellin Cartel of Columbia led by Pablo Escobar. In addition, this essay provides an analysis of Columbia’s social climate during Escobar’s reign and its contribution to his outlaw sense of social justice. Furthermore, this essay inspects the real Escobar against his self-image, how he signed his death warrant with the CIA/DEA and how his weaknesses were discovered then used against him resulting in the collapse of his organization and his expiration. Organized crime generally consist of…show more content…
These two definitions relate to and are applicable to Escobar who organized and led the Medellin cartel of Columbia. Escobar aligned himself with an extensive network of individuals each duty-bound to handle a majority of his affairs. This network was divided into subgroups, each delegated to their special assigned category that included, but not limited to, finances, social, military, personal, family, public, economic, political, law enforcement, and the media. These groups and sub groups in return received an unlimited amount of resources to handle affairs and protection from authorities or anyone attempting to interfere or disrupt their business. By creating several branches to facilitate his organization, this permitted his growth in influence and dominance. Each group separately handled his outlets which afforded him the opportunity to succeed in many ways, but ultimately resulted in failure as he became a distracted, confused, and disoriented leader. His organization was large, but through his own mistakes or missteps the organization was dismantled further contributing to his expiration. The organization was largely controlled by money and through violence. On a large scale, the organization stretched out from his country to other countries that was well controlled allowing for enormous profits and great power. Escobar sought compliance in every form and by any means necessary.
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