Federal Bureau of Prisons

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“Federal Bureau of Prisons”

The Federal Bureau of Prisons was established in 1930. Its main goal is to provide humane care for Federal inmates. There are 11 Federal prisons in operation. The Bureau consists of 115 institutions, 6 regional offices, a Central Office (headquarters), 2 staff training centers, and 22 community corrections offices. The Bureau of Prisons career opportunities web page is the place where you can learn about BOP careers, the employment process and current vacancies. The BOP career opportunities web page has quick links to: application steps, attorney recruitment, career FAQs, health care careers, job descriptions and job vacancies. The Bureau has approximately 37,700 employees within 115
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Qualified inmates may apply for jobs with companies that have posted job openings. This Branch also helps inmates prepare release folders that include a resume; education certificates, diplomas, and transcripts; and other significant documents needed for a successful job interview.

Medical, dental, and mental health services are provided to Federal inmates in Bureau facilities. Most Facilities provide one or more primary Physicians who specialize in family practice. Medical officer provide direct service to inmates in Federal prisons (e.g. performance of diagnostic and preventive). Nurses play an important role on patient health, patient safety and patient education. (e.g. observation and evaluation of patients, perform case histories, conduct physical examinations, and order laboratory tests). Dental officers are responsible for the full range of dental care provided to inmates. Pharmacist provide pharmaceutical care, they are responsible for medication. (e.g. same as nurse). Over 3,000 health care positions are offered.

The food service operation within each institution represents a major program area within the Federal Criminal Justice system. The Bureau offers a food service career for correctional cook supervisors in a fast pace and challenging environment. Cook supervisor receive full
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