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This paper will discuss information on the federal disaster planning and relief program, and explain how the program raises issues of federalism, and the pros and cons from two perspectives. Disaster planning is the development and documenting of a plan that will allow an organization to recover from a catastrophic event. It should include procedures that are appropriate to the function and size of the business (Bucki, J.) As where disaster relief is the services or monies available to individuals, families, and communities who have suffered from some form of a catastrophic disaster such as:
• Floods
• Hurricanes
• Earthquakes
• Drought
• Tornadoes
• Riots (New World Encyclopedia)
When these catastrophic disasters happen, an
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& Tierney, K).
List of Catastrophic Disasters
Hurricane Katrina
• Hurricane Rita
• 9/11
• California Wildfires
• Midwest Floods
How Disaster Planning and Relief Raise Issues of Federalism The American form of Federalism has been argued as one of the main challenges to an effective response. For instance, conflicting goals may create tension between different levels of government agencies, local authorities may be reluctant to turn responsibilities over for dealing with the emergency to federal and state entities, and there may be various degrees and forms of collaboration (Schneck, D. 2009). Issues with federalism surfaced within several contexts in 2005, for instance, “The REAL ID Act, federal requirements associated with Temporary Aid to Needy Families reauthorization, the Terri Schiavo case, state and local government opposition to the No Child Left behind Act, and senate confirmation hearings for Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito, and the delayed and poorly coordinated intergovernmental response to Hurricane Katrina and Rita also generated debate in Congress, and among academics and the general public as to the appropriate federal, state, and local roles in responding to emergencies (Schneck, D. 2009).” There has also been occasions where issues of federalism have crossed paths in article form with emergency management and

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