Federal Express ( Fedex )

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Federal Express (FedEx), founded in 1971, handles countless packaging requests. In order for them to remain competitive they customize their website FedEx.com to field questions received by customers on a daily basis. FedEx has reduced costs by almost $2.00 per incoming call by using the website. Customers are able to speak with a Customer Representative if questions cannot easily get answered on the website. Using the FedEx website instead of the call center FedEx has saved an estimated 1.34 billion dollars a year.
FedEx has the latest technology offered. First, customers remain able to acquire instant updates on their packages by visiting FedEx.com. Second, they can schedule pick-ups at their convenience via the website, and have emails sent to them showing some, or all updates occurring to their packages. Since it is further cost effective using the website than calling a Representative the savings are passed on in lower shipping costs. FedEx also offers a mobile application that, when downloaded to your smartphone and can operate anywhere.
Another feature FedEx has is ESRI technology (esritv, 2009) to track packages; it is a Geographical Mapping System that uses real-time Technologies. For example, if a product that is shipping is time critical, or Government sensitive material the ESRI system keeps FedEx up to date on where the driver is. The driver also has a monitor that shows where the following destination is, distance to the succeeding location, and approximate…

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