Federal Government Codes of the United States

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United States Codes The United States codes title 18 deals with criminal and penal code of the federal governments. This deals with federal crimes as well as criminal procedures. On the other hand title 8 deals with the roles of the aliens and nationality in the United States code. Both codes can directly be linked to terrorism on title 18; the criminal acts can take the form of terrorism attacks while in title 8 the aliens can be involved in terrorism activities. Terrorism has been an issue of great concern in the United States and the world in general. The US government has the mandate to protect its citizens from terrorism and provide them with security in general. There are therefore measures that can be put in place so as to counter terrorism acts. The federal government can impose some sanctions that can be used as a means of countering terrorism acts. These sanctions can be directly on an individual or to specific countries are linked to acts of terrorism. One sanction is the blocking of property and prohibition of transactions with any person who commits, or threatens to commit or is in support of terrorism. This is in particular in the form of financial sanctions for people especially aliens or foreigners who are in support or in association with foreign terrorists. Therefore these people will not get any form of finances that they can use for planning nay of their intended terrorism attacks (U.S department of the treasury, 2012). There are various

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