Federal Government Prevention of Bullying

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Federal Government Prevention of Bullying We have all heard the words; the words that tear us down and break us apart. A person can only bend so far before they break. No one is immune to it, we are all capable of bullying. By no means is bullying right; often times the repercussions of being bullied are devastating. Although there is no Federal law currently in place to prevent bullying, there are discrimination and harassment laws and many states have anti-bullying laws; there is hope for the Federal government to follow suit in enacting anti-bullying laws. Bullying in the United States is continuing to get expand, but the awareness of bullying is also increasing. There are several ideas of what exactly bullying is. The most common…show more content…
Those children who are not being bullied but are simply bystanders are often times fearful of standing up to protect those being bullied in fear of retaliation; the simply feel powerless. It is not uncommon for the bystanders to feel guilty because they want the bullying to stop but they wonder what will happen to them if they stand up. Will the bully go after them next? Some bystanders will join the bully just because they don’t want to end up being bullied. Bullying is a vicious cycle ("How Bullying Affects Children."). Frequent fights are a common theme of bullies. They are also known to steal, vandalize property and carry a weapon which is often times used in the fights. Bullies are also more likely to engage in underage drinking and smoking. Poor grades are also typical for bullies. Not to mention, bullies carry a negative aura wherever they go; people tend to avoid those that give off bad vibes ("How Bullying Affects Children."). School environments that contain a high amount of bullying issues contain a sense of fear and disrespect. Students quite often feel like the teachers and staff have no control over any bullying that is taking place and that the teachers don’t care about students being bullied. Teachers and faculty often times have a difficult time discovering or even believing that certain students are being bullies, especially when bullies put on a front and give teachers and faculty a different perception of
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