Federal Information Security Management Act

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Federal Information Security Management Act (F.I.S.M.A.) As government agencies began to realize that their corporate and customer information was not as private and as safe as they had advertised, they called upon The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to construct a set of guideline to control and protect information security. The growing need to safeguard such information caused agencies, particularly government agencies, to seek assistance collectively to avoid security breach escalations. A September 2000 Report to the Chairman, Subcommittee on Government Management, Information and Technology, Committee on Government Reform, House of Representatives: Information Security Serious and Widespread Weaknesses Persist at Federal Agencies concluded the following: Evaluations of computer security published since July 1999 continue to show that federal computer security is fraught with weaknesses and that, as a result, critical operations and assets continue to be at risk. As in 1998, our current analysis identified significant weaknesses in each of the 24 agencies covered by our review. Since July 1999, the range of weaknesses in individual agencies has broadened, at least in part because the scope of audits being performed is more comprehensive than in prior years. While these audits are providing a more complete picture of the security problems agencies face, they also show that agencies have much work to do to ensure that their security programs are
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