Federal Judges Research Paper

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The nomination and appointment of federal judges doesn’t differ much from that of Supreme Court Judges. According to the constitution of The United States of America, the president possesses the power to nominate and also the appointment to the State. Before a federal judge or a Supreme Court Justice is sworn in, he/she is first nominated by the U.S president and then confirmed by the U.S senate through a majority vote. When there is a federal vacancy in any state, the president liaises with a representative from that specific state then nominates a person for the post before submitting him/her to the Senate Judiciary committee. There, the nominee is vetted and also a background check about one is done by the FBI. After this, the Senate votes…show more content…
They are elected through a statewide election that takes place in even-numbered years. After every two years, a third of the senate usually stands for election. This means that the term of a member of congress is usually two years. In the United States, members of congress are elected to represent their respective regions. They differ in number depending on the size of the population of the specific states. This is because unlike senators who represent the entire state, members of congress represent portions of the respective states. Their term is however not limited to two years as they can always be re-elected for another term (American History, 1994). This is way different from the case of a Supreme Court Justice. A justice is not elected into his post by the votes of the members of state from which he belongs but is nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate by means of a majority vote. The Senate can either approve the nominee or disprove him. A Supreme Court Justice’s length of term differs from that of a member of congress because it is not limited. This means it can last a lifetime until his retirement. This is only under the condition of “good behavior”. A Justice can however be impeached if found with a definite reason of bad
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