Federal Prisons Systems

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Introduction Traditionally, state-controlled prisons have been taken to be more dangerous as compared to federal prison system because they always house more dangerous criminals. Some of the states like New York tend to have their inmates spend most of their time during their sentence in maximum security prisons; however, federal prisons apply lower level security prisons for longer duration of incarceration (recently). While state prison systems is meant to house criminal like rapists, murder convicts as well as people who are convicted of violent gun offenses, Federal prison system has been designed for housing criminal convicted of violating Federal laws, for example immigration violators, robbers of federally chartered banks and large-scale drug. An example of state prison system is the Texas Department of Corrections which is located in Huntsville, Texas. It was established in 1849 and was made the headquarters of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Moreover, it came to be the control model in Texas prisons where it concentrated on farm work and strict discipline within a centralized bureaucratic environment. Most of the state's department of corrections, inmates are always placed in different facilities which vary according to the security level, more so the security measures, type of housing, administration of the inmates as well as tactics and weapons used by officers of the correction officers. Bureau of Prisons of the federal government apply numbered
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