Federal Probation: Supplemental Statement

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Federal Probation: Supplemental Statement For those who work in the federal probation system, there are many skills needed. The knowledge used by these individuals and the abilities they can offer to their field are vital if they are going to be successful in what they do and in caring for offenders who are on probation and need to be monitored closely but also treated with respect and decency. Probation and supervision are not the only areas where these individuals are needed, however, because they can also work in pretrial services, corrections, counseling, and case management. The skills they use in one of those disciplines often transfer over to other disciplines, but not every individual is good at more than one area of work. The environment in which these workers operate is one of pressure and stress, and that environment is always changing. That makes it something worth focusing on and working for, and also shows just how dynamic the workers must be in order to remain calm in the face of stressful events and situations with which they must deal - often on a daily basis. Among the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are relevant to the fields of probation/supervision, pretrial services, corrections, counseling, and case management are communication, patience, and a dedication to being calm under pressure. Stress is a very difficult thing with which to deal, whether a person is in a correctional setting or some other type of employment. With that in mind, those

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