Federal Regulation of Organic Farming

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Is there a federal standard for what "organic" means when it comes to farm fresh milk?

Ruva (Ruvarashe) Munyariwa

Introduction to political Science, POS1001 Professor Schuman

January 23, 2011

With the organic industry booming and up until recently showing an annual growth rate of 20% it has been necessary for the federal government to step in and regulate the previously self regulated industry. Initially, regulation of this industry was implemented by private nonprofit organizations and some state governments as a way to put an end to consumer fraud and to ensure the integrity of organic food. This
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Preventive medical care in the form of vaccines, vitamins, minerals and any approved supplements is strongly relied on to keep the animals as healthy as possible. The process used to bottle and pasteurize the milk produced from these cows must also be certified and the organic milk has to be kept separate from nonorganic milk to uphold its integrity as an organic commodity. Other ingredients used in this process all have to be organic unless there is no organic equivalent. Organic chemicals like volatile synthetic solvents and other synthetic processing aids are also prohibited during the bottling process further upholding the integrity of the milk.

Critics of the certification system argue that it’s easy to flout the rules either blatantly or by creatively interpreting the rules and the regulations. An example of this occurred in 2004 when Bayliss ranch, a food ingredient producer, based in California tried to use the fact that because the tap water that they were using in their products had been certified organic, they could legally use the label “organic” on their products. These critics also argue that the certification process provides a podium by which special interest groups and lobbyists can press for amendments and exceptions to established rules and regulations favorable to large scale operators meaning that conventionally produced
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