Federal Reserve Inflation Case Study

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Inflation has been below the Federal Reserve’s target for more than 3 and a half years. Inflation is expected to keep declining under desired target as long as the oil prices are declining as well. “Yield movements in the Treasury inflation-protected securities, or TIPS, market indicate that compensation for inflation expected in five to 10 years has dropped to 1.56% annually, according to Barclays. That is down from 1.67% when the Fed raised short-term rates in December. Moreover, it is down from 2.5% two years ago” (Leubsdorf). If less inflations is expected in the future, it could change the way people are spending their money, but if they assume that the inflation is going to keep increasing, the prices are more likely to keep rising at a faster pace.…show more content…
The supply for oil is way more than its demand, causing the prices over the U.S. to continually fall. The Federal Reserve plans on monitoring inflation, and they hope to get it to decrease back to its original expected
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