Federal Scholarships Benefits

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A student can also apply for federal scholarships. These scholarships are given to students that need it through the government. The different types of federal scholarships are as following: up to five thousand eight hundred fifteen dollars for federal pell, up to eight hundred dollars for federal supplemental educational opportunity grant, a minimum of one thousand five hundred dollars for access missouri grant, and up to two thousand three hundred dollars for federal work-study. If one chooses to do work study it is approximately 10 hours a week, the pay is seven dollars sixty five cents, and it goes straight towards his or her tuition (Missouri Baptist University). If a student is eligible for these scholarships, it is another way to make the costly tuition seem not as expensive. These scholarships are harder to acquire though.
Loans are nearly essential when paying for college. A student would take out a student loan and pay the bank back in payments over the years. This allows a student to have enough money to still be able to pay for other necessary things. Unfortunately depending on a student’s age, he or she is only allowed to have a loan of so much money. A freshman in college may only have a loan of nine thousand five hundred
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A student studying communications studies would qualify for a semester long internship in Los Angeles, California. The internship would be twenty to forty hours a week, which would be spread over a three day schedule. He or she would gain 16 credits, including core courses and electives, while on the trip (Council for Christian Colleges & Universities). Although it is an amazing experience, it is quite costly to have the opportunity for this internship. This specific trip would cost a student approximately seventeen thousand dollars (Council for Christian Colleges & Universities). This would not only be a great learning experience, but it would look great on job
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