Federal Vs State Power

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The article majors on explaining the different views that existed between the federal government and the power of the states. The two divisions, as the article describes, had a political issue, which creates a kind of debate that has been discussed in the article. It appears that the members of the Southern state were against the federal government as they had threatened of withdrawing from the country when Lincoln was elected president. This action shows us that indeed, there was a significant amount of conflict between the federal and the state power. As the article states, the federals did violate the constitution (Morrison 152). President Lincoln was elected, the issue of violation of the law continued to grow and thus the conflict was made much stronger as more offenses took place. Under the past debates, it appears that several issues did exist between the federal and state power. In the year 1765 the point of the right of self-government erupted whereby the two governments were competing on this matter. However, the colonizers…show more content…
In most cases, the federal government was a violator of the constitution, which resulted in conflict with the state government. The state government on the other hand focuses on authorizing the amendments. Considerably, for the two administrations to operate effectively there is need for collaboration and perpetuation of the concept of nationalism. The issues presented in this article are relevant in the sense that they educate the reader on the differences between the federal and state power. Lastly, the information obtained from this article is appropriate considering it is useful when tackling a national issue as long as one gets to understand the powers that exist between the federal and the state power which in most cases is more concerned with the affairs of the
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