Federal and State Guide Lines for Prison Sentences

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Prison sentences may vary based on the type of crime was committed. The length of the sentence will vary according to the severity of the crime and will be imposed by the judge. Worrall indicates, “there are four type of noncapital prison sentences which include indeterminate sentencing, determinate sentencing, mandatory sentencing, and sentencing guidelines”[ 2 ]. Capital crimes which usually include murder carry the death penalty. For the death penalty to be imposed, constitutional standards must be followed according to federal and state guidelines and law.
What types of crimes warrant noncapital prison sentences? There are many crimes that can be committed by an offender that may require the individual to pay fines, serve time in jail or in prison. Although there do exist non-jail time crimes, certain crimes that may not involve aggravating or lethal physical contact with another person may become eligible for a prison sentence. According to the United States Sentencing Commission, “drug offenses, firearm possessions, theft, identity theft offenders and sex offenders are types of non capital crimes” [ 3 ]. These type of crimes did not carry out a homicide which would then be considered a capital crime.
Indeterminate sentences are those that the judge goes to according to guidelines which set a minimum and maximum time that the convicted offender will have to serve in prison. Once sentenced the official body that has custody of the offender will determine when his
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