Federalism: Evolution and Effiency Essay

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Federalism is the system of government that divides power between a central government and the regional government. The idea of federalism came about after the American Revolution when the drafters of the Constitution were debating over the roles of the national and state governments. The Federalists carefully planned out their idea of federalism and ensured that their view would best handle their concerns and issues. In Madison’s Federalist 51, he explains many key concepts that he believed were important to the foundation of a new government. Since Madison’s Federalist 51, there have been many changes made to the federalist system, which now allows the central government to act with the original powers of the states. Although federalism…show more content…
It was until Shay’s Rebellion that everyone realized the need for the Articles of Confederation to be changed. The Massachusetts state legislature was able to resolve the matter, but it demonstrated that inability of Congress to act. (Lowi et al., 39) Realizing that it did not only take the states to stand together, but the central government needed to be able to resolves crises was a main factor to the Federalists. The strong central government appealed to those who realized that by having individual states combined to make a Confederation, the nation could go nowhere. Instead, by having each state with its own rules that are part of the rules established by the central government and the states have the power to enact more rules as an extension of the central government, the Federalists argued for the establishment of a strong central government. As the Constitutional Convention went underway, the delegates were able to agree on new concepts to map our the American government differently that it had been before. At this time, not only did the government include a legislative branch, it also was consisted of an executive and judiciary. The horizontal distribution of power in the national government was a new idea. Not only did it prevent excessive democracy and tyranny at on branch of government, it allowed each branch to be strong enough to balance the others. At this point though, the concern of the centralization of power at the national

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