Federalism Is A Key Component Of How The United States Government Operates Essay

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Federalism is a key component of how the United States government operates. Many countries now are a federalist form of government. The definition of federalism is a governmental system in which national and regional governments share powers, and are considered independent equals (Smith and Greenblatt 29). Many countries now use a federalist system of government. The United States version of federalism was enacted with the Constitution in 1787, and has evolved in different ways since then.
Before the United States adopted the constitution in 1787, the government was run based on The Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation placed much of the power of the government in the individual states, giving the federal government very little power. This system is known as a confederacy, which differs from a federalist system in that much of the power resides in the state governments (Smith and Greenblatt 29). The Constitution changed this, and made the US into a federalist nation. The constitution had provisions to distribute power between state and federal governments. It outlined important powers given to the state and federal legislatures, known as the exclusive, concurrent, and implied powers. Exclusive powers are given solely to the federal government, as are Implied powers, which are powers not explicitly stated in the constitution. Concurrent powers are shared by both federal and state governments. In addition, federal law takes precedence over state law, known
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