Federalism Vs. Judicial Review

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When one thinks of individual rights, federalism is not one of the first thoughts that come to mind. In fact federalism played a huge role in the start of individual rights. Along with federalism, judicial review was one of the initial startups of individual rights with Supreme Court cases that will be later mentioned. Federalism and judicial review paved the way for the start up and stability of individual rights. Before the analysis of how federalism and judicial review plays a part in individual rights, one must know what exactly they are. Federalism is a system that spreads the powers over two or more political structures. These structures could be as small as cities and go all up to the federal government system. An example of this is state laws and federal laws. Some states have allowed the use for marijuana for medical use. While the state laws allow it, marijuana is still illegal under federal law. The first start of federalism and separation of states comes with the Constitution. This established our federal government and brought the states together under one government. The Constitution “recognizes the federal government as the highest power” (Dugger). Even though it is the higher power, the constitution includes that states are different powers and also have their own rights. The other power that contributes to individual rights is the power of judicial review. Judicial review is a power that the Supreme Court of the United States holds that allows them to
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